What is CNDive

CNDive is the first Dive Operator in Labuan Bajo-Komodo. It was established in 1987 by Condo Subagyo, an ex-ranger of Komodo National Park. Under his supervision, CNDive is credited with finding and naming some of the famous dive spots in the National Park.


CNDive has certain values along which lines it operates. The central theme is that tourism should benefit local people and decrease poverty. By creating jobs for locals CNDive further hopes to preserve the nature of Komodo NP. CNDive believes in changing fishery into diving, so tourism helps to prevent overfishing.


We have been training local dive guides for several years and are hesitant to take on any foreign nationals dive master as it means taking the jobs that could also benefit locals. All of CNDive’s staff are local Indonesians, mostly are local ex-fishermen who are very familiar with the strong and unpredicted current of the sites.

Marine Activities

We have been involved in marine conservation activities either with Komodo National Park, Tourism Department and NGO of marine conservancy and assisted several documentary film making on filming the Komodo Dragon. We are very passionate about conserving the diverse nature of Komodo National Park for coming generations.


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We Offer You

  • Land Base Dive Trip
  • Liveaboard (LOB) Dive Trip
  • Boat Charter
  • Dive Course
  • Marine Tour Activities
  • Marine Consultant


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