Diving in Komodo

The Beauty of Komodo

Diving Komodo NP guarantees an unforgettable experience. The Marine life is incredibly vivid and other than the “Big Attractions“ like sharks, giant baracuda’s and manta rays there is an incredible amount of corral and smaller fish. No dive in these water will be boring as all sites have beauty on offer. Highlight of every diving trip in Komodo will be diving with Manta Rays which can be done in several locations. Another great experience is the feeling of being in a giant aquarium around Castle- and Crystal Rock, dolphins can sometimes be seen here in the early morning (another reason to go on a liveaboard) and sharks always on the appointment. Below you can find descriptions of some of the parks famous divespots.

Secret Dive Sites

Komodo National Park has between 70 and 100 dive sites, all well- known to CNDive; some spots haven’t even been dived yet by others. CNDive Crew is familiar with several secret dive sites, knows specific locations of hammerhead sharks, guitar sharks, whale sharks, Ornate Wobbegong (a kind of shark), and a 50-meter wreck. Most of these are not suitable for commercial diving, but divers with large experience may inquire.


Diving Komodo NP requires a reliable and in the know dive operator as the waters are home to treacherous current and can at times be extremely dangerous. This is the reason why CNDive Komodo can not promise certain schedules upfront. CNDive does on the other hand promise to give you the best dive experience possible, taking into consideration you experience and the diving conditions. 30 years of experience in these waters guarantee a safe & customized trip.

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