Best Diving Spot

Taka Makasar “Manta Point“

On this drift dive seeing manta rays is almost always guaranteed. These majestic animals feed in the current of this diving spot and there is a cleaning station where smaller fish clean the manta rays. The dive ends with a safety stop in an area with beautiful soft corral and a lot of smaller fish life. After diving you can go again and snorkel with the manta’s! Awesome!

Location: East Komodo

Depth: max 20

Visibility: 15-20

Current: Mild to Medium

Diver type: All divers


Taka Makasar

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Batu Bolong

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Batu Bolong

Home to an incredible variety in fish and soft corral. Sharks, Giant Trevally, Turtles, Giant Baracuda & Napoleon Wrasse are regularly seen here. Diving Batu Bolong can be very dangerous as it is prone to strong down currents. Good timing and knowledge of the dive site and currents is essential.

Location: East Komodo

Depth: max 40m

Visibility: 20-25m

Current: light to extremely strong

Diver type: all divers to experienced, depending on current.

Taka Toko-Toko (Castle Rock)

A giant rock that lies 4 meter under the surface. This is an excellent sunrise dive spot and those with a little luck on their side may end themselves up diving with hunting Dolphins. Regular sighting include White Tip Reef Sharks, Grey Sharks, Giant Murray eel, Turtles, Giant Trevally, Napoleon Wrasse and enormous schools of Doctor Fish. Home to at times strong currents, Castle Rock is another of those majestic dive sites where timing is essential for the best experience. A liveaboard is the best option here as it guarantees flexibility in choosing the right time to dive.

Location: North-East Komodo

Depth: max 25-30m

Visibility: 20-30m

Current: mild to strong

Diver type: all divers


Taka Toko-Toko

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SelatGili Lawa

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Selat Gili Lawa II (Shotgun)

The name says it all. On this cool drift dive you will shoot through a small channel between Komodo island and a small island called Gili Lawa. Shotgun offer excellent fish life, with a good possibility to see manta rays and Sharks.

Location: Gili Lawa Laut II

Depth: max 25m

Visibility: april − sept 15-20m

Current: medium to extreme

Diver type: all divers to experienced, depending on current.

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